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Group Health Insurance for Corporate

Employees are the real wealth of any organization. It’s their knowledge, skill, effort and hard work that reaps results and allows any organization to reach dizzy heights. Therefore, it is important for companies to acknowledge these efforts and do their bit to keep them going audaciously.

A Group Health Insurance Policy is one such way that allows corporate houses to build trust among the employees. As a sudden illness, bodily injury or an unexpected diagnosis can rip through any person, the feeling of being insured and financially protected keep their sentiments high.

Benefits of Group Health Insurance for Corporate

A Group Health Insurance Policy is beneficial to both employers and employees.


  • Motivated Employees: With the rising cost of diagnostic tests, medical procedures and treatment, having a health insurance cover motivates the employees the most.
  • Increased Productivity: With no reason to worry about unexpectedmedical expenditure, employees concentrate on work and therefore showcase higher and increased work productivity.
  • Optimum Cover at low cost: A group health insurance policy is purchased in bulk for all employees. This gives the employer a great chance to negotiate well with the insurance provider and grab a deal with numerous benefits at a low cost. A group health insurance policy is far cheaper than an individual health insurance cover.
  • Tax Benefits:The premium paid by the employer allows him to enjoy tax deductions under the Income Tax Act.


  • Benefits at low cost: As stated above,a group health insurance policy is far cheaper than an individual health insurance cover.
  • Immediate Cover: Unlike a health insurance cover for individual which has a waiting time before a pre-diagnosed ailment is covered, a group health insurance cover offers immediate cover from the date of joining of the employee.
  • Cashless Dealing:In case of pre-diagnostic tests, medical procedures and hospitalization, the employee enjoys a paperless, cashless dealing. The claim is settled directly with the corporate head.
  • Family Floater:Certain corporate also provide the advantage of family cover. Thus, employee, spouse and dependent children are also covered under the plan.

Salient Features of Group Health Insurance Policy for Corporate

  • Eligibility – All employees
  • Available for a group of 7 employees or more
  • Pre-existing diseases covered from date of joining.
  • Maternity cover – For both female and male employees.
  • New-born kid insured from Day 1.
  • Pre and post hospitalization expenses covered
  • Takes care of all the hospitalization expenses including procedure cost, drugs and room rent component.
  • Covers an extensive list of Day-Care procedures.

Best Selling Health Insurance for Individuals –

  • Star Health Insurance for Corporate

Group Health Insurance for Corporate offers the most comprehensive health coverage to your employees. With employee and family protection assured under Group Health Insurance plans, it’s certainly the one-solution plan for health coverage. At we administer transparent advice to help you pick the plan that works the best for your company. Call us at +91-9230091000 to know more. We are the authorized agency for Star Health & Allied Insurance Company and provide corporate health insurance in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Zirakpur and Kharar.