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Health Insurance Policy for Heart Patients

While a general health insurance cover provides a general protection for unforeseen health issues it fails to provide adequate cover for various complications arising from a Cardiac Arrest.

Also, in case of a pre-existing cardiac ailment some insurance companies may altogether reject the proposal or charge a much higher premium to insure against the disease and its complications.

But with a more ‘customer-centric approach’, some insurance providers have rolled out a Health Insurance Policy for Heart Patients. The policy especially designed for existing heart patients, it provides future protection for all expenses related to the cardiac arrest and its complications.

Benefits of a Health Insurance Policy for Heart Patients

  • Immediate Coverage: Particularly insuring existing heart patients, the policy offers immediate cover with no waiting period.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Provides financial cover for surgery/intervention/correction for the existing Cardiac diseases.
  • Family Protection: In case of family history, the family floater offers comprehensive safety at affordable rates.
  • Tax Benefit: All premiums paid are eligible for deductions under the Income Tax Act.

Salient Features for Health Insurance Policy for Heart Patients

  • Age: 10 years to 65 years
  • Eligibility: Has undergone a treatment related to cardiac management within 7 years of policy commencement.
  • Sum Insured: 3 and 4 lakhs
  • Term: One year term with continuous renewals
  • Covers all surgical and non-intervention procedures
  • Covers in-patient and out-patient expenses
  • Covers ambulance charges
  • Personal accidental death cover
  • Cashless hospitalization
  • 405 Day-care procedures covered.

Best Selling Health Insurance Policy for Heart Patients

  • Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy

Cardiac arrest can be debilitating. In case you aren’t insured, its treatment can be stressful financially too. But it’s never too late to take a health insurance policy for heart patients. The policy, especially designed for heart patients, can protect you all way through. Get in touch with us at InsuranceBima and we will appraise you with its benefits, requirements and premium details. Call 91+9230091000 today.