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Invest in LIC and Generate Stress-free Regular Income

Today, everyone aspires to have an additional source of income. Though, Real Estate and Equity Market appear to be the most lucrative options.

However, many of us refrain from investing in stocks as we have heard of umpteen cases where investors have burnt their fingers by investing in stocks. It would be fair to say that chances of failure arise only when investors do not act prudently and/or invest in stocks that fail to perform. Moreover, stable income from share market is a challenge. One has to rely on the competence of ‘stock market experts’.

The other, relatively safer alternative is investing in mutual funds. Mutual funds are of various types including debt, equity and hybrid. While equity funds give the maximum returns they are inherently risky. Again in mutual funds too, there is a possibility that when the investor needs money urgently, the NAV of the fund may not be at its peak. Thus, liquidating such an investment may lead to less than optimal returns.

The yields from Real Estate investments have been awe inspiring in the past. However, these days real estate investments have many pitfalls. If you buy a flat worth Rs.50 Lacs, you get a rental income of Rs.15,000/- only. Out of this income one has to pay brokerage fee and maintenance charges on a regular basis. The worst part is the risk of litigation in the event of any dispute with the tenant.

At present the real estate industry is reeling with no signs of recovery any time soon. The unrealistic appreciation in properties is passé. The market forces have had made enough corrections and the prices have more or less stabilized now, and major appreciation in the real estate investments are no more expected, as we have seen in the past.

In the light of the aforementioned, investment in LIC as a means to generate an additional source of income remains the best bet.

LIC offers two options to investors. Firstly, a customized investment plan based on LIC’s BimaBachat, secondly, Jeevan Shanti. The features of both these immensely popular plans are stated below.

  • Custom Investment Plan based on LIC BimaBachat: BimaBachat is a single premium money back plan. However, by buying three plans at the interval of one year each, the money back becomes a rotational income from fourth year onwards. Below is the illustration to help you understand better:
Plan is a combination of two policies – BimaBachat & Single Premium Endowment Plan.
S.No. Risk Cover BimaBachat Premium Single Premium Endowment Plan Total Premium Paid Annual Return
1 26,50,000.00 18,47,587.00 1,61,571.00 20,09,158.00 0.00
2 53,00,000.00 18,47,587.00 1,61,571.00 20,09,158.00 0.00
3 79,50,000.00 18,47,587.00 1,61,571.00 20,09,158.00 0.00
4 79,50,000.00 3,60,000.00
5 79,50,000.00 3,60,000.00
6 79,50,000.00 3,60,000.00
7 79,50,000.00 3,60,000.00
8 79,50,000.00 3,60,000.00
9 79,50,000.00 3,60,000.00
10 79,50,000.00 3,60,000.00
11 79,50,000.00 3,60,000.00
12 79,50,000.00 3,60,000.00
13 79,50,000.00 3,60,000.00
14 79,50,000.00 3,60,000.00
15 79,50,000.00 3,60,000.00
16 53,00,000.00 29,76,337.00
17 26,50,000.00 29,76,337.00
18 0.00 29,76,337.00
  55,42,761.00 4,84,713.00 60,27,474.00 1,32,49,011.00


  • Jeevan Shanti: Jeevan Shanti is single premium plan. The investor may choose one of the 9 annuity options – immediate or deferred. The annuity rates are determined at the commencement of the policy. These rates are guaranteed and payable throughout the life time of annuitant(s). The policy can be taken on own life or can be jointly held with grandparent, parent, children, grandchildren, spouse or siblings.


A person aged 32 and his wife aged 30 take the plan by investing Rs.50 lacs in Jeevan Shanti. They opt for immediately annuity and start receiving the below mentioned amount:-

Yearly: Rs. 3,26,500

Half-Yearly: Rs. 1,60,250

Quarterly: Rs. 79,438

Monthly: Rs. 26,292

In case they decide for a deferred annuity and defer the return for 5 years, they will start getting the below mentioned returns from 6th year onwards throughout their life time.

Yearly: Rs. 4,38,500

Half Yearly: Rs. 2,14,745

Quarterly: Rs. 1,06,246

Monthly: Rs. 35,040

If one of the policyholder passes away, the survivor continues to receive the annuity amount till his/her death. In addition, 110% of the initial investment amount is paid back to the family on the death of both holders of the policy. We are authorized agency for LIC of India and provide life insurance plans/policies to individuals, HNIs/NRIs and corporates in New Delhi, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Mohali, Zirakpur, Kharar. Shortly, we will be opening offices in Ludhiana and Patiala in Punjab too. Fore more details or a customised solution, please call us at +91-9230091000.