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Senior Citizen Health Insurance

The medical expenses are increasing at an exponential rate. The soaring cost of pre-diagnostic tests, medicines and medical procedures have the potency to destabilize any household.

Unarguably, senior citizens are at the greatest risk. As age increases, the strength and stamina decrease. Unfortunately, the income and financial inflows too put up a receding trend. Post-retirement, a major stratum of the senior citizens’ bank upon pension or interest income from savings for their living. A medical emergency, almost inevitable during this phase of life, is bound to rip things apart.

A Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy proves to be a real treasure at this hour. Ensuring people in their golden years, it takes care of hospitalization expenses and ensures that you recoup and get back to life without an iota of financial stress.

Benefits of Senior Citizen Health Insurance

  • No Dig on Savings: A Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan ensures that your savings are not depleted for medical reasons.
  • No Burden on Family: The family is relieved of all financial pressures and can therefore give their full mindshare towards taking care of the ailing parent.
  • Tax Benefit: One of the prime benefits of health insurance that is reaped throughout the premium payment period is the tax exemption under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act.

Salient Features of Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans

  • Age eligibility: 60 – 75 years
  • Sum Insured: 15/20/25 lakh
  • Annual plan with continuous renewals
  • No pre-insurance medical test required
  • Covers pre-existing ailments from second year onwards
  • Health cover available for both individual and spouse
  • In-patient and out-patient expenses covered
  • Lifetime renewals available
  • All Day-Care procedures covered
  • Senior Citizen Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy

Best-Selling Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan

Age is just a number. Don’t allow it to pull you down in any way. A senior citizen can safely safeguard individual as well as a partner’s health by taking a Senior Citizen Health Insurance and mediclaim cover. At InsuranceBima we take utmost care to guide and help you through the entire policy selection phase. Call us at 91+9230091000 to know more about the ideal Senior Citizen Health Insurance plan.